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APIEL Educational Program

Program Outline

APIEL Educational Program

APIEL is intended for students of the Graduate Program in Sustainability Science (GPSS) of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences and in the Department of Urban Engineering (UE) of the Graduate School of Engineering. Environmental leader candidates (EL Candidates) who enrolled in the program take the compulsory subjects "Environmental Challenges and Leadership in Asia" and the "Field Exercise", which was newly established under APIEL. EL Candidates also select a certain number of electives subjects/courses from existing degree programs. The research in master's and doctoral theses aims to propose new systems from inter-disciplinary perspectives based on a holistic understanding of environmental issues.

Characteristics of Curriculum

1. “Environmental Challenges and Leadership in Asia” – understanding Environmental Leadership
Students will study an overview of Asian environmental issues, including Asian history and culture, and acquire the skills and deeper understandings of the field needed, as professionals, to make contributions to establishing sustainable societies. Students also learn the role of leadership in such efforts.

2. "Field Exercise" - Developing Skills essential for Environmental Field Sites
APIEL features a strong focus on "Field Exercise". This fieldwork exercises take place several times each year in cooperation with collaborating partners in Asia. Each fieldwork setting is intended to broaden the perspectives of students and cultivate an on-the-ground competency to identify and resolve problems through various activities, including preliminary surveys, site visits, experimental studies, discussions with various stakeholders (including local researchers and administrators), engagement in group work activities and result reports. Participants remain in the field for approximately 1-2 weeks, with EL candidates receiving financial support for travel expenses.

3. A scheme – Enabling both interdisciplinary and specialized approaches
APIEL has the advantages associated with encompassing both the interdisciplinary approach toward sustainability science provided by GPSS and the specialized knowledge of environmental engineering provided by UE. Students enjoy diverse opportunities to learn about Asian environmental issues, unconstrained by the restrictions of degree program.

Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum

Requirements for Completing the Program

Students satisfying the completion requirements for the APIEL Program are presented with “the University of Tokyo Certificate of Completion for Asian Program for Incubation of Environmental Leaders”.

Program Completion

The certificate of program completion issued by APIEL is independent of degree issued the University of Tokyo. APIEL is aiming to promote networking among program alumni and to improve environmental education systems in Asia.