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Young Environmental Leaders Summit 2011


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Call for Participants (Deadline: December 12)

This is our pleasure to announce that we are currently calling for participation to an international student meeting “ Young Environmental Leaders Summit ” to be held in Hokkaido, Japan from Feb 27 to March 3, 2012, as a part of APIEL (Asian Program for Incubation of Environmental Leaders) activities.

This student summit is aiming not only to strengthen our network by offering an opportunity for past Field Exercise Unit participants to reunite, but also to offer a platform of discussion and action for students to tackle environmental issues. This year, through this intensive program, participants will find out, study, discuss and try to propose solutions to environmental issues in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Please refer to our INVITATION LETTER for more details of this program. Those successfully selected to participate in this program will be supported their round-trip airfare and accommodation in Hokkaido (APIEL travel regulation applies).

We hope that you, participants from APIEL’s resonant network, together with some fresh members, will fully enjoy and make the most of this opportunity for your personal development to develop the environment of Asia and the world.


Please fill in and return the APPLICATION FORM (click here to download) by email to



Should you have any enquiries related to this event, please email to APIEL.


This program is co-organised by “ Special coordinated training program for Sustainability Leaders and Sustainability 'Meisters' (StraSS) ”, Hokkaido University, and supported by Coca-cola Education & Environmental Foundation, Japan.