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APIEL Symposium 2011

“Societal Collaboration through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Actions towards Global Sustainability"

In this symposium leading experts in academia, industry, and the public sector will introduce their best practices of collaborating with various stakeholders in their CSR activities for sustainability and discuss their potentials and challenges and leadership development for the future. In particular, the participants will discuss how they integrate CSR activities effectively with core enterprise activities from strategic perspectives, how they successfully conduct their projects with recognition internally and externally, and how they evaluate the possibilities of entering into emerging markets and future potentials for long-term corporate sustainability. In addition, the symposium will explore the social responsibility of industry and public sectors and leadership for the rebuilding from major disasters.

Speakers & Facilitators

Opening Remarks

Dr. EGAWA Masako,  Executive Vice President, The University of Tokyo

Dr. MINO Takashi,  Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences ____________________ _Chief Coordinator, Asian Program for Incubation of Environmental Leaders (APIEL)

Keynote Speaker

Shuan SadreGhazi, (Invited) 

   PhD Researcher, United Nations University – Maastricht Economics and social Research institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT)

   Research fellow, Case study review manager, UNDP Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM) 

TITLE:  “Inclusive Business: A New Perspective on Private Sector Contribution to Development”

* Mr Sahba Sobhani became unavailable for his sudden and urgent engagement. Thank you very much for your understanding. (Oct 25 from symposium organizer)

Speakers & presentation titles

・ HOTTA Takayuki, Manager, Management Planning Division, Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.
     “Shining Ray of Hope to Save Lives - Solar Lantern”

・ HONJO Seiichi, General Manager, Corporate Communication Dept. Social Action Promotion Office, Kubota Corporation
     “Social Action of KUBOTA Group”

・ SEKI Masao, Associate Director, Chief CSR Officer, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
     “Adaptation and Mitigation –Sompo Japan’s Approach”

・ NAGAI Yasutoshi, Director & General Manager, Yokohama Water Corporation
     ” From Contribution to Society to Business Development”

・ MATSUTAKA Keiichi, Executive Managing Director, Coca Cola Educational & Environmental Foundation
     “The Coca-Cola Educational & Environmental Foundation”

  • YARIME Masaru, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo