Asian Program for Incubation of Environmental Leaders (APIEL),The University of Tokyo

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Compulsory Course offered in AY2011

“ Environmental Challenges and Leadership in Asia ”
Deepens understanding of Asian environmental issues and provides students with the elements of environmental leadership needed to influence society.
- Syllabus (2010)

- Lecture 1 (2010. 04.14)

- Lecture 2 (2010. 04. 21)

Elective Courses offered in AY2010  updated: 2010.04

Graduate Program in Sustainability Science,
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (GPSS)

Department of Urban Engineering,
School of Engineering (UE)

  • Sustainability perspectives in environmental issues (S)
  • Environmental Economics (S)
  • Natural Environmental Studies (S)
  • Environmental Sustainability (S)
  • Sustainable Health and Environment (S)
  • Environmental Business (W)
  • Business and Finance for Sustainable Development (W)
  • Innovation and Sustainability (W)
  • Strategies for Global Sustainability (W)
  • Frontier of Sustainability Science (W)
  • Sustainability Education (W)
  • Urban Water System (S)
  • Management of Global and Urban Environment (S)
  • Fundamentals of Water Pollution Control (W)
  • Environmental Risk Management (W)
  • Regional Planning (W)
  • Urban Development Policy and Planning (W)
  • Urban Transport Policy (W)
  • Urban Transport Planning Analysis (W)

# S: Summer Semester, W: Winter Semester